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How to Navigate Extended Nursing: From Year One to Weaning

quiz stages of extended breastfeeding May 13, 2024

The first year of breastfeeding is a roller coaster of change. Just when you get a handle on newborn nursing, you may have had to head back to work. Pretty quickly after that you are introducing solids. They get stronger and nursing positions change accordingly. 

For many, the nursing journey ends in the first year; however, according to the CDC's 2022 Breastfeeding Report Card, 35.9% of babies are still being fed breast milk at 1 year!


If you are still breastfeeding your toddler, you are not alone.


Nearly 3 years ago, I decided to shift my professional focus to primarily help extended breastfeeding moms. 


Because I saw they needed help.

And as a extended nurser of 4 1/2 years, I identified deeply with their struggles.

The vast majority of breastfeeding care is (understandably) dedicated to the first very important months of nursing; however, toddler breastfeeding has its own unique problems.

As a baby shifts into toddlerhood, many of the struggles shift from being physiological (aka, latch or supply issues) to more behavioral. But lactation educators do not typically address this, and parenting coaches may discuss hitting, biting, and other normal toddler behaviors, but not in the context of breastfeeding.


I listened to hundreds of extended nursing moms - And I saw a pattern.


From these patterns I have been able to identify 5 distinct stages of toddler nursing.


Some of the stages are age based, but not all.

Some are also influenced by the parent-child interactions around their breastfeeding relationship and how you as the mother are feeling about your daily breastfeeding experience.

The stages are not necessarily linear, and you may shift between stages 3 and 4 before finally ending with stage 5. 


Curious what stage you are in now? Take my free quiz to find out!


After you take the quiz, you will be directed to the results that best fit where you are currently in your nursing journey. I provide you with a detailed description, as well as tips on what to do based on where you are...

Because happily nursing an 18 month old is very different then feeling touched out with a 3 year old!

No matter where you are in your nursing journey, knowing what may be around the corning is also very helpful. The quiz will provide you will helpful tools to use to prepare for what's to come!

Take the quiz HERE.




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