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Ep. 8 Empowering Breastfeeding Journeys: Nourishing Justly with Kavisa Cyprian Wood

extended nursing stories podcast May 13, 2024

In this episode of Weaning It: A podcast for toddler nursing moms, Kavisa Wood shares her personal journey of meeting her husband in Tanzania, shifting career paths, and starting their family through foster care, adoption, and biological birth. 

She discusses her extended breastfeeding experience with her children and the process of weaning. Kavisa also shares her pregnancy and birth experience with her fourth child and how her breastfeeding journey continued.

In this conversation, Kavisa Wood discusses her challenges with weaning her toddler and the influence of her last child on her decisions. She shares her experience of feeling sentimental about weaning and the emotional connection she has with breastfeeding.

Kavisa also talks about her journey to becoming an IBCLC and her work in promoting health equity and justice in breastfeeding. She highlights the disparities in breastfeeding rates among different racial groups and the historical and societal factors that contribute to these disparities.

Kavisa emphasizes the importance of representation and support in the lactation field and provides suggestions for how individuals can contribute to the cause.

Lastly, she expresses the privilege she feels as a toddler nursing mom and the joy of the snuggles and bonding that breastfeeding provides.

Listen to the entire interview HERE (or search for Weaning It on any other major platform).

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