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Ep. 10 Show Notes: Inclusive Parenting: Balancing Extended Nursing Twins & a Toddler in an LGBTQ+ Family

guest lgbtq podcast twins weaning it Jun 20, 2024

In this episode of Weaning It, Ashley shares her experience as a nursing mom to twins and a toddler.

Like many of us, she didn't expect to become a toddler nursing mom, but with her first child, she nursed him until he was 16 months old.

With the twins, her goal was to nurse for a year, but one of the girls is still very attached to breastfeeding. Ashley anticipates that one of the twins will wean soon, while the other may continue nursing for another month. She reflects on the bittersweet emotions of weaning and the hormonal changes that come with it.

Ashley also discusses her nursing journey, including challenges with milk supply and co-sleeping arrangements.

Ashley and Erin discuss the unique bond between a nursing parent and their child, highlighting the special relationship and the power it holds. They also touch on the topic of extended nursing and the lack of societal judgment they have experienced. The conversation then transitions to Ashley and Brittany's relationship, their decision for Ashley to be the birthing parent, and their journey as a same-sex couple. They discuss the challenges they faced in coming out and finding acceptance, as well as their decision to share their journey online.

They also talk about their efforts to bring diversity and inclusivity into their parenting, and the importance of representation in books and TV shows. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the mental load of motherhood and the privilege of being a toddler nursing mom.

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