Milk Mastery

Your comprehensive guide to breastfeeding with confidence

  • You have been told breast is best.
  • You have been told to breastfeed for at least six months.
  • You have been told it is beneficial to both you and your baby to do so.
  • But has anyone told you what you really need to know to reach your goals?

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Milk Mastery is based on the successful Nursing Mamas' Virtual Breastfeeding Bootcamp, but allows you to access course content anytime, anywhere!

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"I did the hospital breastfeeding class and I can't imagine going into breastfeeding with just that"

Emma D. - 
Bootcamp Alumni


"Erin's course taught me that with breastfeeding in general you can have a plan but you can't stick to it too much and don't let your expectations be too high. You have to be willing to adjust and just see how things go and what's most comfortable for you and baby"

Hanna L. - 
Bootcamp Alumni

"I'm learning more from this course than the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding! The visuals are so helpful"

Emily M. - 
Milk Mastery Student

With Milk Mastery You Will:

  • Learn how milk is made . . . so you can stop worrying about your milk supply and start preparing ways now to make sure it is abundant.
  • Get a deeper understanding of the 7 most common breast issues woman face in the early breastfeeding weeks - causes, symptoms, troubleshooting, and treatment for each.
  • Set realistic expectations by discovering how much you milk you will produce in the first hours and days postpartum.
  • Learn when and how to pump in the first weeks, as well as how to utilize hand expression to increase milk supply.

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A Note from Erin…


After surveying 180 new moms about what they wish they knew about breastfeeding before baby came, it was clear to me that there was something missing in prenatal lactation education -


a discussion about how to troubleshoot the most common breastfeeding issues nearly all women face in the first postpartum weeks.


This research only reinforced my own experiences with hospital courses that did not discuss all the hard parts of nursing, which left me overwhelmed with pain and confusion about how this thing that was supposed to be so natural was so hard for me.

Fortunately my daughter and I overcame our early struggles and went on to nurse for 4 1/2 years. My son threw us a curve ball when he decided to wean himself at 4 months, which unexpectedly forced me to pump and supplement. Definitely not my plan, but it was a very important lesson in letting go what I can't control - you can't make them eat.

But I now bring all my experience as a nursing mom, 14 years as a college instructor and course developer, and knowledge as a Certified Lactation Educator to you in Milk Mastery.

My goal for you? After completing Milk Mastery, Your Comprehensive Guide to Breastfeeding with Confidence, you will never say the words, “Why didn't anyone tell me about this??” during your early breastfeeding days. Join me . . . I’ll help you be able to begin your breastfeeding journey feeling empowered and self-assured that you can do hard things, but that you don't have to do them alone.

See you soon!


What will you get in the course?

16 Modules

With nearly 10 hours of content!



2 Bootcamp Panel Recordings

Pumping Moms Panel &

Dads of Nursing Moms Panel

10 Handouts

with links to recommended nursing accessories, videos demonstrating proper latch, information on lactation laws, and more!

Course Content


Module 1: Lactogenesis 1 - How Milk is Made Prenatally

Module 2: How Milk "Comes In" Postpartum 

Module 3: 7 Common Breast Issues in the First Nursing Weeks

Module 4: Normal Supply - When Supply Meets Demand

Module 5: Under Supply - When Supply Doesn't Meet Demand

Module 6: Over Supply - When Supply is Greater Than Demand

Module 7: When & How to Pump in the First Weeks

Module 8: When & How to Supplement in the First Weeks

Module 9: Making Your Partner Part of the Breastfeeding Team

Module 10: Lactation Laws & How to Talk to Your Boss About Pumping

Module 11: Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Team

Module 12: Nutrition, Breastfeeding, & Your Health

Module 13: All. The. Things. Pumps & Accessories You Do & Don't Need

Module 14: Healthy Mindset, Happy Nursing

Module 15: Latching Positions - Which Are Best For You?

Module 16: When to Call A Lactation Specialist 

Bonus - Nursing in the NICU - Be Prepared, Just in Case 

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You will get a FREE 30 minute postpartum virtual consult with Erin!


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