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5 Unexpected Reasons To See A Breastfeeding Specialist Before Baby Comes

Learn about common physical and hormonal issues in the mother that can impact milk supply

✓ Feel more confident in your ability to produce milk

Empower yourself with steps to take to further improve your chances of having a successful breastfeeding experience


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What others are saying about Erin...

I have known Erin for well over 10 years- as a colleague and as a friend. She is without a doubt one of the most loyal, supportive, caring, and committed individuals I know. Additionally, Erin has been my biggest cheerleader as a momma. Throughout my pregnancy, Erin was the first person to support me with essentially everything I needed to know- ex: research based evidence, books, hospitals, birthing classes, nursing, videos, apps, and more. I honestly never would have embarked on my amazing journey to motherhood without her wisdom, compassion, encouragement, and genuine love for being a mom. As someone who still turns to Erin for nursing advice, any momma would be incredibly lucky to have her as part of their breastfeeding support network. She will stop at nothing to find solutions when needed, as well as honor and respect your personal health choices. More than anything, with Erin as your lactation consultant, your family will have a trustworthy additional partner by your side.

Jen - Lucy's mom

Working with Erin for a virtual lactation consult was one of the best things I could have done for my nursing journey! When I had my first consult I was pumping 90% of the time and attempting to nurse my 2nd baby, but failing at the nursing part. I came to Erin exhausted and extremely frustrated with cracked nipples and one step away from giving up. Even though I had already nursed one baby for 10 months, this time was different. I had had mastitis, a baby who wouldn’t latch, needed to supplement and preferred a bottle to the breast. Nursing was painful and I dreaded it. 

From my first message to Erin she truly listened to my concerns and never made me feel like I was a lost cause. She understood that breastfeeding was important to me, but also that with a 2 year old at home supplementation with formula was a necessity for my family at times.  From that first call she helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

With her guidance I was able to make small but manageable strides to move from exclusively pumping to being able to nurse at night, to now only pumping when I’m away from my son. This was a HUGE WIN for me, especially at night!!  She helped me gain confidence in what I was doing and was so encouraging!!! She explained aspects of hormones and lactation that I never knew before and her post-consultation email was full of amazing tips and information. Erin helped me through the nipple confusion and now I am happy to say that my little one prefers the breast over the bottle!! 

Not only did Erin really hear what I was saying she never judged me for my choices.  She looked at my entire life picture not just the baby I was nursing and found a plan that was sustainable for my whole family. She checked in on me often and I felt that she really cared. I cannot say enough good things about working with Erin!  I went from dreading pumping and crying every time I tried to nurse to genuinely enjoying nursing and having a baby who enjoys it too!

Rachael - Aiden's mom

5 Unexpected Reasons to See A Breastfeeding Specialist Before Baby Comes

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